Best loan consolidation offers -Discover loan consolidation companies

Discover loan consolidation companies

Payday debt consolidation companies offer a varied offer to meet all your needs and the specificity of your financial situation. For example, the payday loan consolidation from  Consolidation Now will allow you to consolidate your payday loans.

Who is the credit redemption for?

The purchase of loans is for homeowners wishing to reduce their debt ratio, and thus increase their monthly “rest to live”. The debt ratio is the share of your expenses in your monthly budget. This solution, also called loan consolidation, aims to replace several existing loans of different durations and rates, a single credit, over a period generally longer. The redemption of credits makes it possible to include in the new loan if you wish, the financing of a future project (the purchase of a new car or the financing of works for example).

Good to know: the purpose of this operation is to reduce the monthly repayment charge when setting up the credit by extending the repayment term of your current debts. This can be seen as a consequence of increasing the cost.

Technically: after study and acceptance of your file, the bank that makes the redemption of credits will release the loan funds to repay your old loans. These loans are fully repaid and you will not have any maturities to settle every month. Your grouping credit works like a “classic” credit. You will pay each month a repayment deadline.

What are the steps to your request?

To make your online credit redemption request, you must first complete our loan application form available on most of the product pages of our website. Entering this form takes only a few minutes. Once completed, an advisor will contact you by phone to review your financial situation, to establish what is the best Bank credit redemption solution tailored to your needs. After completing the request for information we will send you, you must send it back to us by post along with the necessary supporting documents. Subsequently, after a complete study of your file and the documents provided, we will give you a definitive answer. Finally, in case of a favorable response, you will receive by mail an offer of the loan consolidation loan.

What are the different means of distribution?

There are different types of credit redemption companies :

  • The bank repurchases credit: it has specialized commercial advisers who propose solutions of repurchase of credits adapted to the situation of the customer and which accompany it from the assembly of the file until the financing.
  • Intermediaries in banking operation, specializing in credit redemption. Their role is to connect the applicant with one or more banks according to their needs and market offers.

Loan with the guarantor

Although it is not as usual anymore, a guarantor can be a solution for you who have difficulty borrowing money. Nowadays they are used more often instead of a co-borrower. Now it is actually quite the same if you assume that the co-borrower does not intend to help with the repayment of the loan first.

A guarantor is a person who goes into collateral for a loan that you intend to apply for.

A guarantor is a person who goes into collateral for a loan that you intend to apply for.

This is only relevant if the lender does not think that you as a borrower have a sufficiently good financial position to borrow money from them. Usually, the error is that there are payment notes. Should it be that you do not have enough income etc. in the eyes of the lender you should really think about whether it is good to borrow or not.

The guarantor is responsible

The guarantor is responsible

It is important not to take in a person as guarantor for a loan if it does not have full control of how your finances look or understand exactly what it means to be a guarantor.

The plan when a loan is obtained is obviously to repay this according to the plan. But if this did not work out, the lender will go to the guarantor and collect the money from this person. A fact that it is very important that the guarantor is aware of.

It is also not easy to get out of a commitment as guarantor so you have to think through it carefully before. For example, if a partner is a guarantor, the loan liability will not be affected in the event of a divorce.

Overall, a guarantor can be a good idea for those who want to borrow money but are not approved by the lenders. But it is important to watch out for the reason that the lenders do not want to lend money plus that the guarantor should be fully aware of the great responsibility.

Your Tax Return, Deduction, and Personal Finance – Payday Loan Consolidation

Find out how you can calculate your taxes and what you are entitled to. The tax return comes in the mail before you know it. It has been compiled on the basis of the tax return from the previous year and it contains information about what you are likely to earn next year and the deductions you have.
In the light of the figures, tax is calculated on how much you pay in tax and what the monthly deduction will be. It is therefore important that the numbers are correct and you can either call or e-mail corrections in VAT.

Tax return and deduction

Tax return and deduction

In light of this information you can prepare for VAT on your tax, which your employer must use to deduct after tax. If the employer is not your tax card, automatic tax is deducted at 60 percent of income without deduction.
The tax return is delivered in the spring and contains information on what you earned the previous year and deductions you have had. Again, you can make corrections either via Key Even on the Internet or by phone.
In light of the tax return, VAT makes your annual inventory and figure out if you need money back on the tax or whether you should pay the residual tax.

What deductions do I have?


The deduction is the name of the entire amount you can deduct from tax. It distinguishes between three types of deductions:
Reductions in personal income, deposits on an interest pension. Furthermore, all citizens of a personal, who will be deducted from your pay or SU before you have to pay taxes.

Reductions in capital income.


Equal deductions, for example; travel and trade unions. We must have over 24 kilometers for work and home before we can deduct their services. (see transport)
Most deductions will automatically be reported for tax purposes and are pre-printed on your tax return. They include personal interest and trade union contributions.

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Bad credit loans | Payday loans for bad credit

You need money and you need it quickly. You have a good reason to use your money. The only problem is that you have had your own share of credit problems in recent years. Bad credit seems to haunt you.

There is no need to worry. You can potentially qualify for a bad debt loan to pay your bills. Loans for bad credit are available for tons of people like you in a similar situation.

Loans for bad credit: something different for today’s borrower

Loans for bad credit: something different for today

Loans available to borrowers with poor credit histories have unique characteristics. Some of these features might be helpful:

  • No stress on a credit check
  • No need to set up a guarantee
  • Traditional banks no longer refuse payday loans

Who could find bad credit loans useful and practical

Who could find bad credit loans useful and practical

For people who may not have the glittering credit history needed for a traditional bank loan, these loan offers are quite suitable.

The general appeal of such loans for bad credit could be better suited to various groups of people:

  • Those who may have unequal credit history such as late payments or overdue bills
  • Those who do not have a real credit history and want to establish their credit history
  • Those who have been refused or refused by the traditional bank loan application process with a standard letter thanking them for their interest

In essence, if you fall into one of the aforementioned groups of people, a payday loan without a credit check will fit well into your personal financial plan. Your previous financial catastrophes do not have to determine or devastate your future with a dark image. Things may seem different for you once you have gotten one of these loans for bad credit.

Opportunities for a better future

Opportunities for a better future

There are all kinds of reasons to look for a payday loan online when you have bad credit. Some previous decisions should not haunt you for the rest of your life. By getting one of these loans, you could start making gains like:

  • Quickly get the money you need without hassle or little
  • Use the loan to establish or restore your credit history
  • Make the decision to use the loan to start your new life with the type of support that will yield fruit for years.

Do not let your credit history haunt you the rest of your life. Learn more about bad credit loans today and start building for your future.

Loans online with bad credit

Loans online with bad credit

Bad credit should not limit your financial outlook on your future. You can get loans online without a credit check applicant with easy qualifications. The money you need can be yours easily and quickly.

What makes these loans online with different bad credit

What makes these loans online with different bad credit

You may have been refused by traditional lenders like banks or savings and credit institutions. You may have needed a payday loan online with the very high interest rates that come with it. With regard to their loans, the selection process eliminates those without almost perfect credit. Those who receive a loan offer are usually shocked by the higher interest rates with limited loan amounts.

You can get online loans for bad credit that do not look anything like traditional loans. These payday loans have a maximum duration of 18 months, not for long periods that leave you locked in the long run. Unlike traditional loans, these payday loans online are offered at competitive fixed interest rates. Just these two facts make it possible to get one of these online loans with bad credit.

How to get bad credit online loans

How to get bad credit online loans

You do not have to go through all sorts of paperwork to qualify for these payday loans online for bad credit. These payday loans for bad credit online have simple qualifications to make them accessible to people with credits.

Qualified candidates must:

  • Be 18 to 65 years old
  • Have a regular source of income that can be verified by banking transactions
  • Have an active cell phone to receive phone calls and SMS
  • Provide a debit or credit card that can be used as a backup solution for loan repayment.
  • Have a bank account where funds for payment can be withdrawn

By meeting the stated criteria, you can put yourself on the path of rebuilding your financial base with one of these loans, its history of bad credit online, and so on.

Loans with bad credit Online help of borrowers in different ways

Loans with bad credit Online help of borrowers in different ways

There are no specific restrictions on how you use money from one of these online loans for bad credit.

You can use the funds for all kinds of things such as:

  • Buying a new or used car
  • To go on holiday
  • Make repairs or improvements needed at home
  • Repaying high interest credit cards and other debts

Make sure you get one of these payday loans online with bad credit. You no longer have to live in financial uncertainty. This is the type of payday loan that can help you make a difference beyond your financial history.

We match you with your ideal lender

We match you with your ideal lender

When you need to quickly locate and connect to a lender offering the best quick loans for bad debts that suit your situation, you can immediately get lost in an ocean of online lenders claiming to be the best.

At Astro Finance, we can simplify and speed up the process. We have detailed knowledge of hundreds of bad debt lenders and we have powerful “granular” search engines that we can use to match your ideal lenders.

Our representatives take the time to inform you of your options, to explain what differentiates one lender from another and to ask you for relevant information that will help us find the ideal loan.

Why not just search on your own loans for bad credit?

You may think that searching for loans online with bad credit is easy because you can simply search on Google, but in reality, it would take a long time to search and compare everything in the results. of research. And much of the information will be confusing or not always easy to locate on websites.

Moreover, in order to avoid imputable companies, you will be satisfied with your own intuition and what you see in front of you on the web page to try to separate “the sheep from the goats”.

It is far better to use experienced loan experts, here at Astro Finance, who can already quickly identify the distinctive characteristics of lenders and already know which lenders have a reputation for reliability (and which, well, do not have none.)

Our commitment to every customer we serve at Astro Finance

At Astro Finance, we treat every customer we serve with dignity and respect. We never pressure you to make a decision. We simply help you expose the facts and explain their relevance to your situation, based on the information you have provided.

Even among lenders with bad credit, there are differences in interest rates, fees, loan flexibility, the size of the loan for which you can be approved and the time you will have to repay it. We are your experts on the terms and conditions of different lenders. We are committed to helping you locate the loan and lender that’s right for you.

At Astro, we have helped many other people with below-average credit find a loan and a lender that meets their needs and helped them overcome their financial difficulties. As a company, our main objective is to facilitate this type of “twinning”. We are ready to do for you what we have done for others.

Nowadays, people who borrow money have many options, especially with the advent of the Internet. Online loans present new options for people from all walks of life. Internet allows borrowers to search and solicit loans from all types of lenders, even in a variety of locations.

Different types of loans for different needs

There are all types of lenders. The rationale for different types of loans and lenders is that not everyone is the same. Some people need different types of loans for extremely different scenarios and situations. Some need a loan with stellar and unpaid credit, while others try to get a loan with bad credit.

There are all kinds of lenders. The types of lenders available can give access to many online loan options. You may not fit the typical profile of a borrower, but a loan is also available.

There are online loans that are perfect for:

  • Those who have never established credit before
  • Those who need to establish their credit
  • Those who want to rebuild their credit after a major problem
  • Those who have just suffered the effects of bad credit
  • Online application process opens doors and opens eyes

With the online application process for many lenders, identifying the most suitable loan for potential borrowers is a major asset. The online application process is straightforward and straightforward, which makes it much easier for borrowers. Borrowers can find a loan that matches their income and financial situation.

The best options for those with bad credit are not necessarily traditional loans. Our process can identify a loan that suits you best based on our selection process.

How to get a loan with bad credit

How to get a loan with bad credit

To access the money you need, you must meet a minimum standard. The following criteria have been established to qualify for an online loan with bad credit:

  • Be 18 to 65 years old
  • Living in the United States
  • Have a bank account for loan payment and where your source of income can be verified
  • Submit a debit / credit card as a backup solution
  • Provide an active cell phone number that can receive voice and SMS text messages

You can qualify for this type of loan with bad credit, no credit and even limited credit. You can get a loan at competitive rates and clear repayment terms. All you need to keep in mind is that we are here to help you find payday loans that fit your current situation.

Traps of traditional lenders

People with low or bad credit should avoid traditional lenders for several reasons. Most traditional lenders do not lend to those who have a credit score below a certain score, which means that if you have bad credit, you may not be able to obtain one of these types. loans. Even if you are able to find a traditional lender willing to work with you, there is a good chance that you will obtain extremely high interest rates and repayment terms, which you may not be able to meet. .

Loans for people with bad credit may also consist of larger amounts. A traditional lender may not want to give you the full loan you need, especially if you are worried that you will not be able to pay it back in full. However, when you choose a loan with bad credit, it is more likely that you get the amount of money you need, rather than a fraction of it.

How to simplify the loan process

When working with Astro Finance, the loan process is incredibly simple. However, you can further simplify and speed up the process so that your agent can quickly connect you with the ideal lenders:

  • Do not start the application process until you have all the documentation you need.
  • Make sure your proof of income is up to date
  • Test your cell phone to make sure you can accept calls and SMS from unrecognized numbers.
  • Have all your bank details with you, including your account number, your institution number and your transit number for direct deposit
  • Make sure your proof of identity has not expired and that it shows both your age and your address.

The process also happens faster if you can complete the application and submit everything you need at the same time, rather than doing it in separate sessions. Be sure to keep your phone turned on and check your email regularly in case your agent needs to contact you for additional information. Responding to inquiries and messages as soon as possible is another great way to speed up the loan process.

Why borrow online?

Why borrow online?

When you are looking for loans with bad credit, you have two main options: online or in person. Turning to bad credit online loans is the preferred method for most borrowers. You can complete your application during your free time, regardless of traditional office hours. In addition, you can match more lenders when you use online sources, which gives you a better chance of getting the loan you want on optimal terms.

Use loans with bad credit to rebuild your rating

Use loans with bad credit to rebuild your rating

One of the biggest benefits to getting impaired loans is using the money to pay off an existing debt. Many people even use the funds to consolidate multiple loans and cards into one payment. This can help increase your credit in two ways. First, outstanding and potentially older debts are repaid, which reduces the number of creditors you have to deal with. Older debts often have exceptionally high interest rates. In some cases, the amount of interest due has exceeded the principle. Repaying a loan like this can significantly improve your credit rating.

In addition, when you opt for a loan with bad credit, Astro Finance can match you with a lender with favorable repayment terms. This makes it much easier for you to make your minimum monthly payments, especially when working with strict lenders. As a result, you can see your credit rating increase slowly.

How To Write a Personal Loan Agreement

Personal loan agreement – Negotiate a loan with friend or family member in any degree, can be a great alternative to form capital for investment or simply to get money to accomplish something of the self-interest of consumption.

On the other hand, formalizing this type of personal loan in the right way, ie drawing up a loan agreement to legalize the business is by no means hostile – on the contrary, it is the best attitude to keep things in place. Formalize the terms and conditions of the loan making it clear all aspects, it is great to protect even the relationship.

Personal loan agreement

Personal loan agreement ..

A well-written personal loan agreement is critical to ensuring that your financial transaction does not encounter conflict points if the money is not returned if the borrower or the lender tries to change the rules in the middle of the game or in case they need to sue.

The doubts on the subject are many, we list some in the list below just so you have an idea, we will not answer all but the ones that are currently possible. See the questions:

  • how to officialize a loan made to a relative?
  • How to write a personal loan agreement?
  • How to make a cash loan agreement?
  • How to write a loan agreement between individuals?
  • How to create loan agreement between individuals?
  • How to write a legal document to lend money?
  • How is the model of money loan agreement between friends?
  • Is there a model of mutual loan agreement?

Why choose a loan?

Who has no money wants to borrow and who has money left over wants to borrow. So a personal loan can have many advantages for both parties. The claimant gets the funds he needs and avoids the bureaucracy and high interest of private lenders.

The lender earns interest greater than those paid on savings or traditional applications and still has the satisfaction of helping a friend or relative – however, interest payments must be compatible and regular installments. In today’s low-interest living environment, even a reduced interest personal loan can provide more financial return than many investment applications.

Our advice? Do not borrow more than you need and you can pay with dignity. If you are the lender, do not lend more than you can lose, particularly if there are no guarantees that can be avail in a dispute, especially if the taker is not someone you would like to sue.

You do not want a personal loan between you and the other party. ” Personal loan contracts are there to help ” maintain order and decency, end the mess and the uncertainty of doing everything wrong in the financial transaction, because it does not have fiscal or legal support.

The interesting thing is that you do not need to be a lawyer to write a personal loan agreement. However, depending on the level of complication involved in the loan agreement , you may want to hire a legal expert to help you with the more complex details of the loan agreement.

If you want to follow the DIY approach (do it yourself), here are some basics to include in your document:

Basic terms of the loan agreement

A personal loan agreement needs to be clear and objective in its basic principles. Who are the parties to the loan agreement? How much is being loaned? What is the interest rate? What is the duration of the loan term and when will the payments be repaid? These tips are the backbone of the loan agreement you need.

If you are the borrower in the agreement, and want a low interest rate that will help you with repayment payments – negotiate what can be done. If you are the lender, negotiate an interest rate that at least allows you to beat inflation, also define the date of each month that will be made the payment of the installments.

Define the conditions and penalties of the contract

Once you have defined all the basic terms of the loan agreement between individuals, you should resolve some contingencies of the type – what happens if the borrower can not return the monthly payments? What is the guarantee that the lender can make use of? What is the penalty for late installments? Is it possible to renegotiate the amount of the installment or the interest rate down in case of difficulties? Are there penalties for discharge or anticipation of installment? Make a well-explained personal loan.

It is important for both to work together to find out the answers to these questions. After all the agreements are agreed, put everything in writing and make sure nothing is left out and all the specifics are clear.

Automate your friend’s loan repayment

 Automate your friend's loan repayment

You have completed the details of your personal loan agreement, and both have signed and dated the document, it may be a good idea to register in a notarized notary’s office and all that is entitled. Formalized everything? Now it’s time to set up payments automatically. This, if you are the contractor, this is not to forget to make your payments.

If you are the lender, the setting of the payments being automatic means that you will not put yourself in the strange position of having to charge your friend or relative to pay the money owed to you. Automatic payments allow the loan to go its way perfectly until the end.

Contract of mouth or handshake

Contract of mouth or handshake

If you think you can seal a personal loan agreement just by giving the word of mouth or with a simple handshake, then your luck is sealed. You will probably have better footwear if you formalize the financial transaction by creating a specific contract to lend money legally and at interest.

Be sure to cover the basics in your loan agreement and be sure to include the forecasts for some bad scenarios.

Well, once both parties have signed the agreement, you can focus on keeping your relationship friendly without having to worry about the loan loaned to the friend or relative.

Some tips for finding a cheap home loan – Real Estate

Financing the purchase of a home on credit requires a loan solution at the best rate. Thanks to the competitiveness of loan organizations, it becomes more practical to discover a cheap home loan

Refine the monthly payments for a less expensive real estate loan

Refine the monthly payments for a less expensive real estate loan

When you take out a bank loan, it is important to note that it is mainly depending on the duration of the loan commitment that the borrowing rate on the monthly installments will be more or less profitable. On that note, interest earned on a loan over a ten (10) year loan period will not be greater than twenty (20) year repayments. Indeed, not to too much suffocate its purchasing power, the borrower has interest in finding a loan at the best rate.

It must take into account all monthly expenses as well as the rest to live to avoid the risk of over-indebtedness. In general, the debt ratio should not exceed 33% of the household’s source of income. In the banking products market, lending institutions are free to apply their rates and practice their own repayment terms. By using a comparator, it would no longer be a tedious task to find the offer perfectly suited to his profile.

Solicit the intervention of a real estate broker

Solicit the intervention of a real estate broker

The broker is the most appropriate professional to help us find the ideal loan proposal. From his allocation, he is willing to select the mortgage in the best conditions of repayment to pay less monthly payments. With a rich professional network, the broker is able to mobilize his skills and know-how to find the cheapest credit.

Use a credit comparator

Use a credit comparator

The most reassuring and fastest way to find a cheap home loan is to use a credit comparator. In just a few clicks, this tool presents us with a comparison of the best lenders with detailed information on repayments and loan conditions. Go through a comparator allows us to save valuable time. It avoids tiring trips to banks in agencies and will save time during our research. By opting for a comparator, the selection of offers is simply made in a few clicks and the result is obtained immediately.

Loans immediately – the loan can be sent to your account right away

Getting cash quickly when you need instant credit can be important. If you want to get money expressly, it is enough for you to fill in a form on the web and immediately afterwards your future creditor will contact you with several formalities. However, there is no long paperwork, waiting in the queue or opening hours. Everything can be handled online. If you need to borrow in a very short time frame, loans are online immediately. Set-up via the Internet allows for a greater choice of offers, as there are more opportunities than likely to exist throughout your location where you live. Applying a small quick loan to seal a hole in your budget can be easy.

Loans immediately – how to get a loan

Loans immediately - how to get a loan

With the form at the top of the site, you can submit a credit request to verified companies You can see a sample completed form on the video below.

Loans immediately – sending a request

Loans immediately - sending a request

Fill out a simple loan application form here on our website. The form contains all the important parameters, if you are missing them, ask them at the operator who will contact you within minutes of sending. It is also necessary to fill in personal information or, for example, income information. These details will be used to create a credit agreement and also to determine how high the loan you are entitled to. The entire submission of your application is non-binding and you do not subscribe to any financial product or service.

Loans instantly – set up a loan

Loans instantly - set up a loan

When applying for a loan, clients have to look out for three important factors. The first is to adhere to a certain standard when choosing a company. If you choose a company with a long-term presence, which is a member of publicly known associations in the segment, you can reduce the risk of any future partner’s unreliability to a minimum. On this site you can find only loans of companies meeting these important parameters. Another part is the client’s own creditworthiness.

Only companies that are generally known to be subject to clear and principled approval conditions in the lending segment also select and mediate this site. The last factor is a very sophisticated system of verification by credit companies, so all documents that are requested in the process must be valid. It is then possible to get loans immediately on account and for you a safer situation for you.

Loans instantly – loan immediately to account

Loans instantly - loan immediately to account

Your finances will be transferred as quickly as possible. After the process of all relevant checks and verification of the information from the application, companies send loans to your account immediately. Up to 95% of the total amount of all approved credits is sent to the customer’s account within 10 minutes of the digital signature of the credit agreement. This kind of borrowing process is very simple and therefore the money transaction will be quick and trouble-free to the extent that today’s technology allows it.

Loans immediately – bank or non-bank?

Loans immediately - bank or non-bank?

A non-bank loan can either operate in a single large payment or spread over multiple installments. Traditional bankers are heading for a long-term horizon because they can offer low interest rates better. Bank loans for decades and usually as large as possible are for banks the most ideal product and with collateral that secures their interests. This tendency leaves huge scope for companies able to provide smaller amounts for shorter time periods. If it describes the situation you are in, you will find more products on this site that could be tailored to your needs.

Loans instantly – useful website

Loans instantly - useful website

Worrying about managing and controlling your finances wakes you up at night? Did you get a reminder of paying a loan that you didn’t take? Unfortunately, these and many other stress situations are associated with this industry. However, the state, customers and lenders create mechanisms that can be very helpful. There are free legal counseling, non-banking associations, a financial ombudsman, and many others ready to help you.

Loans immediately – history

Loans immediately - history

Already ancient rivers have taken a moral attitude to providing credit. Socrates himself describes the financial system in several writings and tries to demonstrate the way in which lending should be approached. Finance has become an important part of the Greek engine of commerce, but then the critics and philosophers were blind to its benefits. In today’s world, you can see similar points of view. If someone already lends you money, he should respect high social standards and moral principles.

We basically agree with that, but we want to warn you that lending anyone finance is a very insecure business for a given lender. Therefore, if you sometimes find the interest too high, either try to look for a more acceptable candidate or better understand all the risks and negative factors that lenders have to deal with. Unfortunately, the current era of high-performance technology is also recording those who are trying to get loans immediately, for example by perfect document falsification.

Loans with no fees and no interest

Competition in the loan market is currently so great that it is no longer a problem to get a loan that is completely free of fees and interest. You can borrow for example CZK 3,000 and return CZK 3,000 and not even an extra crown. Some loans are offered by some non-bank companies, but they only provide the loan free of charge for the first time – in the case of a further loan application, the client has to pay the fee.

It is also necessary to say that these free loans are provided only for small amounts – usually a maximum of CZK 10,000, only rarely is it possible to borrow a higher amount without charge and interest. For large loans of tens to hundreds of thousands, there is no such possibility, and it is always necessary to reckon with a slightly higher amount than you have borrowed.

Who offers loans without fees and interest?

Who offers loans without fees and interest?

As has been said, these are exclusively non-bank companies that attract especially those who take out a loan for the first time in their lives, or risky clients who cannot get a loan from a bank. There is nothing special about free-of-charge loan offers and there is no need to worry that such a loan is not serious – the competition in this area is so great that the first free loan offer pays off – many clients borrow again after the first good experience.

How to choose the best loan without fees?

Above all, cheaters should be avoided when choosing the ideal loan without fees and interest. Therefore, never arrange such loans on the basis of advertising texts in newspapers or advertisements posted outside – always arrange the loan over the Internet and get the basic information from the provider. The easiest and fastest method is to use one of the loan comparators – for these sites you can be sure that only verified companies are included in the comparison.

What do you want to watch for free loans?

What do you want to watch for free loans?

For loans without fees and interest, two things must be taken into account. First, you need to select a truly solid and proven company – there are a lot of fraudsters on the market who claim to provide a loan for free, but in fact it is a pure fraud (eg those who operate overpriced telephone lines, etc.). The second thing to remember is the due date – if you repay the loan on time, everything is fine and no additional fee is at risk, but if you fail to pay the borrowed money by the prescribed date, you will be charged a fee. The companies that lend to new clients without any charge and interest are more, we have chosen three for you, where you can be sure of a solid and fair deal:

Japanese loan

Japanese loan

In the case of the Japanese loan, this is not a brand new product, but a renaming and adjustment of the earlier Click Credit offer. Already before, Click Credit was one of the most advantageous non-bank loans, and it is doubly true after rebranding for a Japanese loan. It is a short-term non-bank loan that is completely free for new clients – you can borrow up to CZK 10,000 for the first time and if you repay it within 30 days, the fee will be returned and the loan will not cost you a crown. It should be noted, however, that even in the case of a repeated application, when the fees are already charged, the Japanese loan is very advantageous – the fee is only CZK 33 for each loaned thousand and extending the loan is very cheap.

The loan is on

The loan is on

A popular non-bank loan that is fast, easy and almost for everyone. For truloan you can borrow up to CZK 8,000 for the first time without any charge – you only need to be at least 18 years old, have a bank account and repay the loan on time, ie within one month at the latest. For other loan applications, you can get up to CZK 15,000, but there is no fee that is not low.

Loan Zaloan

Loan Zaloan

Zaloan is one of the best-known providers of fast loans. It has changed its offer in recent years and now offers the first free loan. However, it is only a loan of CZK 3,000 for a period of 30 days. All other loans are already charged, but regular customers can borrow higher amounts up to CZK 100,000. Also new in the Zaloan product range is Credit Limit – a financial reserve that can be used to fund up to CZK 25,000.

Loans to people from people, how does it actually work?

Just a few years ago, we only knew the classic bank and non-bank loans, or special types of special-purpose loans, such as mortgages, car loans, and so on. Denotes as P2P loans – where loans, people borrow each other.

The acronym P2P comes from English and is derived from the words person to person (or peer to peer) lending. But it is not a simple borrowing among strangers, where you would take unnecessary risk, whether as a person who lends money or vice versa as a lender. P2P loans are provided through a special internet platform, where both the borrowers and investors register. Part of the registration is also filling in a lot of information, so those who use this platform know what they are going to and thanks to the sophisticated system the risk is absolutely minimal.

For whom are P2P loans beneficial?

For whom are P2P loans beneficial?

There are a number of examples for whom P2P loans are a very convenient alternative to ordinary, standard loans. Compared to bank loans, P2P loans offer lower interest rates and the client can save a very interesting amount. For those who want to invest money, they are a great new way to value your money and gain an interesting experience. In addition, P2P loans are also suitable for those who can afford to invest a minimum of money – the minimum amounts are very low, if you want, just a few hundred

P2P loans as an option to profitably borrow money

P2P loans as an option to profitably borrow money

P2P loans are a great way to get credit on better terms than a bank. If you meet demanding banking requirements, but it seems to you that the bank charges too much interest, try signing up with some of the P2P loan companies and maybe you’ll be pleasantly surprised. You can also borrow higher amounts (up to hundreds of thousands), under very favorable conditions.

P2P loans as an interesting investment opportunity

P2P loans as an interesting investment opportunity

P2P loans are particularly interesting for retail investors who would like to appreciate their money, and in this way they can help many people. The investor can choose for which loan to give his money and can choose the interest himself. Moreover, everything is very easy, intuitive and lending takes place via the Internet interface without having to go anywhere. Some platforms can be invested from as little as CZK 200.

P2P loans that can be used to refinance

P2P loans that can be used to refinance

Some P2P borrowing companies now also offer the opportunity to use this platform to refinance existing loans. These include, for example, Heposei, where it is possible to transfer both the current loan and consolidation, or to merge multiple loans into one.

Who can get such a loan?

Who can get such a loan?

In general, P2P loans are more stringent than, for example, fast non-bank loans. Mostly it is necessary to have provable income, the applicant should also not be in the execution and, of course, even in insolvency. The registry entry may or may not be an obstacle, depending on the context and other information. However, every company that mediates these loans has a different set of conditions. What they all have in common, however, is the minimum age of 18, as with classic loans.

Leading providers of P2P loans in the Czech Republic

Leading providers of P2P loans in the Czech Republic

Probably the best known website with P2P loans is Heposei, other large platforms in this category. The most recent projects worth mentioning include the Yellow Melon. In addition to this, many others are also active on the Czech market, and this type of credit has become increasingly popular lately.

Beware of loans with a fee in advance

Usually, we choose different factors to choose the right loan – most often people decide for example by interest rate, fees, annual percentage rate of charge (APR), maximum loan amount or possible total repayment period. While there is no major risk in the banking sector, and clients certainly do not have to be afraid of any fraud, it is necessary to be very careful with the non-bank loans – many of the credit offers are fraudulent and are mostly prepaid loans.

Typical fraudulent loans

Typical fraudulent loans

Pre-paid loans are probably the most typical example of a fraudulent loan. Usually, people advertise them, for example, on the Internet in various discussion forums or discussions under the articles, they also appear out-of-the-box in the street or on notice boards in stores, you can also get them to the mailbox and are often published in different newspapers or other printed materials. These loans are often characterized by the fact that they do not include any company name or website, but only the phone number or email address is included in the contact details. Then, the person who advertises the loan will want to pay you – whether in a personal meeting or by phone – to pay a fee before you grant a loan, usually saying that you have already approved the loan. However, such a fee is often quite high (sometimes in the order of several thousand) and after you pay it, the person in question either stops communicating with you or tells you that the application has been rejected. In the end, you will not even have the promised loan or money you paid for it in good faith.

The crown fee does not matter in advance

The crown fee does not matter in advance

There is only one exception where the advance fee is no problem and you can pay for it without any worries. These are loans offered on secure and trusted websites and from reliable credit companies. This is a so-called verification fee, the only purpose of which is to verify that the bank account is actually written to you (many companies have a bank account as one of the essential requirements). The fee is usually a symbolic one crown, so even if the loan is not approved you have nothing to lose.

Other examples of fraudulent loans

Other examples of fraudulent loans

So far, we’ve only been talking about prepay loans, but there are other kinds of fraudulent loans that you should watch out for and avoid. Another example of this is loans, where you first need to call a pay line. Mostly they are highly overpriced paid numbers, where a minute of talk can cost up to 90 CZK. This is a problem in itself, notwithstanding the fact that the operator on the other hand deliberately extends the call as much as possible in order to earn as much money as possible. But the worst thing is that you will never get any loan anyway and the only result will be a high phone bill (or a flash credit).

How to avoid fraudulent loans?

How to avoid fraudulent loans?

Of course, the basic advice is never to take high-fee loans in advance (no matter how promised you will get the loan) and not to make a phone call to arrange the loan, but to settle it over the Internet, or at the credit company’s branch. However, if you really want to make sure that you have chosen a trusted and reliable lender, we recommend using one of the graders that only includes secure loans you can rely on.