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Best loan consolidation offers -Discover loan consolidation companies

Discover loan consolidation companies

Payday debt consolidation companies offer a varied offer to meet all your needs and the specificity of your financial situation. For example, the payday loan consolidation from  Consolidation Now will allow you to consolidate your payday loans.

Who is the credit redemption for?

The purchase of loans is for homeowners wishing to reduce their debt ratio, and thus increase their monthly “rest to live”. The debt ratio is the share of your expenses in your monthly budget. This solution, also called loan consolidation, aims to replace several existing loans of different durations and rates, a single credit, over a period generally longer. The redemption of credits makes it possible to include in the new loan if you wish, the financing of a future project (the purchase of a new car or the financing of works for example).

Good to know: the purpose of this operation is to reduce the monthly repayment charge when setting up the credit by extending the repayment term of your current debts. This can be seen as a consequence of increasing the cost.

Technically: after study and acceptance of your file, the bank that makes the redemption of credits will release the loan funds to repay your old loans. These loans are fully repaid and you will not have any maturities to settle every month. Your grouping credit works like a “classic” credit. You will pay each month a repayment deadline.

What are the steps to your request?

To make your online credit redemption request, you must first complete our loan application form available on most of the product pages of our website. Entering this form takes only a few minutes. Once completed, an advisor will contact you by phone to review your financial situation, to establish what is the best Bank credit redemption solution tailored to your needs. After completing the request for information we will send you, you must send it back to us by post along with the necessary supporting documents. Subsequently, after a complete study of your file and the documents provided, we will give you a definitive answer. Finally, in case of a favorable response, you will receive by mail an offer of the loan consolidation loan.

What are the different means of distribution?

There are different types of credit redemption companies :

  • The bank repurchases credit: it has specialized commercial advisers who propose solutions of repurchase of credits adapted to the situation of the customer and which accompany it from the assembly of the file until the financing.
  • Intermediaries in banking operation, specializing in credit redemption. Their role is to connect the applicant with one or more banks according to their needs and market offers.

Your Tax Return, Deduction, and Personal Finance – Payday Loan Consolidation

Find out how you can calculate your taxes and what you are entitled to. The tax return comes in the mail before you know it. It has been compiled on the basis of the tax return from the previous year and it contains information about what you are likely to earn next year and the deductions you have.
In the light of the figures, tax is calculated on how much you pay in tax and what the monthly deduction will be. It is therefore important that the numbers are correct and you can either call or e-mail corrections in VAT.

Tax return and deduction

Tax return and deduction

In light of this information you can prepare for VAT on your tax, which your employer must use to deduct after tax. If the employer is not your tax card, automatic tax is deducted at 60 percent of income without deduction.
The tax return is delivered in the spring and contains information on what you earned the previous year and deductions you have had. Again, you can make corrections either via Key Even on the Internet or by phone.
In light of the tax return, VAT makes your annual inventory and figure out if you need money back on the tax or whether you should pay the residual tax.

What deductions do I have?


The deduction is the name of the entire amount you can deduct from tax. It distinguishes between three types of deductions:
Reductions in personal income, deposits on an interest pension. Furthermore, all citizens of a personal, who will be deducted from your pay or SU before you have to pay taxes.

Reductions in capital income.


Equal deductions, for example; travel and trade unions. We must have over 24 kilometers for work and home before we can deduct their services. (see transport)
Most deductions will automatically be reported for tax purposes and are pre-printed on your tax return. They include personal interest and trade union contributions.

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